If you want your website to be:
☆ Simple for visitors to use
☆ Easy to understand
☆ An ambassador of your brand
☆ A good return on investment
☆ Engaging and relationship building

I can help translate the goals you have for your website into an online strategy that makes sense for your organization and how you would like to engage your audience.

Are you seeing the web from the point of view of your primary audience? Analyze your online communication strategy to discover your website’s mission-critical user stories. Engagement analysis and usability testing are effective ways to map business goals to a website’s feature set and a great way to prioritize project spending for best value, phasing and budget control.

Consulting Services:
Usability Consultation
Content Strategy
Information Architecture

The first step is a strategy and discovery session where we review the role a website plays in your organization, identify how you may currently be fall short of engaging your audience, and make recommendations for significant improvements that can ensure business objectives are mapped to feature sets effectively (balancing business goals, functional specifications and site usability).

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